Grafting Fruit Trees Sessions – Mossfield


For further details and to put your name down please contact Peter Nichol – 0161 747 9759, e-mail address

Dates are as follows-
Plum Grafting- 15th February- 2015- 10-30 am till about 1.30 pm. Stocks are in the ground so will be grafted in situ.
Apple Grafting- 22nd February- 10.30am till around 1.30 pm. Apple root stocks are recently dug up so grafting will be done in the meeting room.
Location- Mossfield Allotment meeting room. gates will be left unlocked from around 10 am.
Tools- Members joining me should bring a freshly sharpened Grafting knife or a Stanley Knife with a fresh new blade.
Cost of Root stocks £2 each. We practice with surplus apple wood first before using the root stocks so we don’t waste anything.

The scion graft wood and grafting materials, wax, tape and plastic name tags are included in the cost.

Apple List 2014-15

If anyone has trees they want grafting for sentimental or other reasons, bring the graft wood along. Ideally the graft wood should be last years growth and around pencil thickness.

I have a good selection of graft wood for Cooking apples and eating apples, plus some pears, to chose for grafting.
I also have around 40 or so trees grafted last year which are surplus to my needs and are for sale.
They can be lifted there and then. Attached is a copy of the List of Trees for Sale.

Root stocks available this year
M27 very dwarf (max 6 ft in 10 years and
MM106- Semi dwarf. max 15 ft in 10 years).
Pears- Quince A semi dwarf for Pears. max height in 10 years- 12 ft.
Plums- St Julian A- semi vigorous – max 15 ft in 10 years

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